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The Sea Lion Project Update Oct 2015

Photo © 2015 Randall Burt
Photo © 2015 Randall Burt

The Saga of the Sea Lion series presented on our blog highlighting the planning and building of the ship has been interrupted for the time being to announce the following great news. It’s almost impossible to relate the progress during the past two weeks to restore the Sea Lion ship and bring it to Virginia.

After six and a half years the ship was partially disassembled (see time-lapse video provided by Martha Anderson of the Sea Lion Project) and transported to Albany for initial repairs and stabilization of the deck.

Almost everyone we met up with along Lake Chautauqua all the way from Jamestown to Westfield had a story to tell about the ship they love so much. “My wedding was held aboard the ship” one lady shared, but I couldn’t tell if the tears in her eyes were from her fond memories or the cold wind rolling in off Lake Erie.

Almost every store and restaurant had a photo of the ship, or some other form of memorabilia displayed inside. One restaurant had a beautiful painting by a local artist hung on the wall of the Sea Lion returning to Barcelona Harbor with a haunting image of the ship fully rigged in billowing clouds sailing through the sky.

Ron Blackburn & Dennis Strawderman
Ron Blackburn & Dennis Strawderman

Scarano Boat Builders did an excellent job of preparing the ship for the move so that it arrived “safe and sound” in Albany. From Albany the Sea Lion will be moved to Henricus Historical Park (www.henricus.org), the second English settlement in the new world, where it will be interpreted to the public including 35,000 school children each year.

None of this could have been possible without the support of the members of the Sea Lion Project who voted unanimously to move the ship to Virginia for its restoration and even provide monetary support for the move. Their hospitality included providing lodging for us in a beautiful bed and breakfast along the lake at the Maple Springs Lake Side Inn (www.mslsi.com), to giving us an original outfit worn by one of the sailors on the ship, a brass Sea Lion belt buckle, and a large bag of Restore the Sea Lion buttons.

John Cheney, one of the original supporters of the Sea Lion Project, has carefully collected and maintained many of the blocks, cannons, and other parts of the ship including the leaded glass windows off the stern. During our trip to New York we were able to meet with the divers who worked in the murky water of Lake Erie for months on end to salvage the ship. We have over 750 photos of the move provided by Martha Anderson. The Patterson Library in Westfield has been tremendously helpful as well providing us with a wealth of information they have on the ship that will help us in the restoration.

For more info please visit:

Henricus Historical Park www.henricus.org • Facebook Henricus-Park • Twitter @HenricusPark

Sea Lion Project www.sealionprojectltd.com • Facebook bpsferry • Twitter @bpsferry200

Randall Burt’s Sea Lion Fan Page facebook.com/Sea-Lion-Ship-114553268561851

Scarano Boat Builders www.scaranoboat.com • Facebook Scarano-Boat-Building

Patterson Library www.pattersonlibrary.org • Facebook Patterson-Library

The Sea Lion Saga continues

Sea Lion Ship Barcelona, NY © Randall Burt

The Sea Lion Saga continues.

More info coming soon on the process of The Henricus Citie Militia spearheading a project to restore and transport The Sea Lion, one of the most amazing ships, from Barcelona Harbor, New York all the way to Henricus Historical Park in Chester, Virginia.

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Special Thanks to Randall Burt, Ferry Captain, Pilot/Engineer at Sea Lion Project Ltd., for giving us his blessings & and sharing some heartwarming photos. facebook.com/henricusmilitia/posts/947016605370845